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Ingelek Donationware License terms

All programs developed by Ingelek and provided under the "Ingelek Donationware License" have the following terms:

- This software is fully functional and you can use it freely for any purpose, private or commercial. You don’t have obligation to pay nothing, but you can help us to improve it, and to follow developing more free software, by making a small donation of only 5€ to our PayPal account.

- To make the donation, please contact first with us sending an E-mail to: info@ingelek.com

- We consider registered users those who have made the donation.

- Registered users are able to notify functionality problems, bugs, or even suggestions to improve the program. We will do our best to serve them.

- Only in some cases we can provide the source code of our programs. Ask us before to register if this is imperative for you.

- This program is provided “as is” and the authors do not accept any responsibility that may result from its use, or for the proper peration of it. So there isn’t guaranty of any kind.

- Ingelek ensures that its programs do not have backdoors, or performs any action deliberately, that may affect to the safety of your computer.

- Please, distribute our programs to your friends. As more people uses them, more happier we will be.
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Featured products


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If you found our programs useful you can help us to improve them and to follow developing more free software by making a small donation of only 5€, or any amount you consider, to our PayPal account

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