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Friend To Friend Files Sharing

F2F lets you to share files in a closed group of friend hosts. Works without servers and ensures that the communication is absolutely safe between the peers. Uses SSH v2 protocol to encrypt the data and nobody alien to the group can see the private content that you are sharing.

With F2F is very easy to navigate your computer and simply drag and drop files to your friends. That process creates an upload task for each file you will send. Also you can see the shared folders of your friends to download files of them.

The tasks can be interrupted and continued as many times as needed. Don’t worry if you turn off your computer, or your friend is temporally off-line. As soon as possible return to be connected the tasks will continue.

F2F is oriented to send and share private content that are too large to be sent in a short space of time by other ways.

This program is provided under the Ingelek Donationware License
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New version 1.07. Now with "send all at once" or "one by one" option
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